Adding A Keyword

Step 1. From the left navigation panel, click Keywords & Textable Numbers.

Step 2. Click Get Started if this is your first keyword or Add Keyword if you already have at least one. 

Step 3 – Type the keyword you want in the text box, and then click Search. Since you are creating a demo keyword your keyword will have the letters “EZ” in front of it.

If you are creating a demo keyword (as part of your free trial for example) your keyword will have the letters “EZ” in front of it.

Step 4. If the keyword you want is available, we’ll let you know and you can click Activate Keyword to secure it. Depending on your package, you may need to add billing information to pay for the keyword.

Step 5. Next, add your keyword contacts to a Group.

Step 6. If you’re setting up a new group for your new keyword (recommended), we’ll walk you through creating an auto response for contacts that text your keyword. Please note that this is required by the wireless carriers and must always include opt-out instructions.

Step 7. As part of the new group, we’ll give you the opportunity to set up customized Reply Settings and Advanced Features.

Step 9 – This is another optional step where you can configure Advanced Options, such as forwarding opt-ins and configuring an API. When you are done (or if you want to skip this step), click Continue.

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