Respond to your buyers and sellers, even when you aren't available!


Respond to leads in seconds! Your automated real estate chatbot is standing by 24/7 to respond to leads. Lead details will be sent to you automatically.


Your chatbot can understand user inputs and respond to many questions. New modules and improvements are being made chatbot’s capabilities daily so if you ever need anything contact us and we will see if we can get it done.


Triple Threat SuccessBot integrates with your Facebook Business Page, specifically the Facebook Messenger app where there are over 1.2 BILLION users, and your own website, a partners site, or any digital ad that you may be placing on goggle. This allows you to engage customers wherever they can find you.

Triple Threat SuccessBot for SUPER Busy Real Estate Professionals.

So, What the heck is a chatbot?

A real estate chatbot is a computer program that helps you automatically respond to buyer and seller leads. Triple Threat SuccessBot can answer common questions, collect lead information, and even connect prospects to you when they’re ready to talk.

Why do I need one?

You probably noticed that prospects are impatient these days.  Like really impatient.  So it’s very important to answer people’s questions as quickly as possible.  Otherwise they’ll just find another person who can help them immediately.

Where Can I Deploy My Chatbot?

Triple Threat SuccessBot can be deployed on your Facebook Business Page, Facebook Messenger app, and websites that are your yours or that you partner on!  Facebook Messenger has over a billion active users and is by far the #1 place where people are engaging with chatbots right now.  We can even help you grow your bot’s presence with people in your local community or target markets!

I currently use Facebook, but not Facebook Messenger.  Am I wasting my time with a chatbot?

No, you still need your Triple Threat SuccessBot!  Even if you don’t personally use Facebook Messenger, you can generate leads from people who do!  And those leads can be emailed to you automatically.  People can also engage your chatbot directly from your Facebook Business Page or personal website.  So you should definitely consider adding a T3 Successbot to your team!

Can my Triple Threat SuccessBot answer questions and schedule appointments for me?

Yes and yes!  Your T3 Successbot is powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that understands buyer and seller inputs.  This allows  Successbot to respond to typed questions and answers quickly and accurately.  

Buyers and Sellers can request showing appointments and provide property information for free and fast home valuations.  Additional conversation flows include generating referrals, property management, and recruiting!

Created by and for Mortgage Loan Professionals and their Realtor Partners!

Habla Español?  No problem we have enabled every Triple Threat Successbot to respond in Spanish!

Intelligent "Done for you" Conversation Flows

Triple Threat Successbot automates the following conversations with your Facebook Messenger and any personal website and banner ads:

Buyers and Sellers

Converting buyers and sellers into leads is one of your Successbot’s core features. Your bot can help buyers request showings, and sellers can provide information about the property they’d like to sell.  At the end of the chat, the conversation details will be emailed to you automatically for follow-up. Bots allow you to respond instantly and still have a life!

Refer a Friend!

Referrals are a large source of income for many real estate Professionals. Fortunately our Referrals module makes it easy to generate new referral leads!  People who use your Successbot will have the option to “Refer a Friend”.  This prompts people to provide referrals when they might not have thought to do so!  This is one of the most valuable modules and a single referral can easily pay for your Successbot!  Providing and ease to a referring process will allow for more of these opportunities.

What’s My Home Worth?

We know how important listing leads are to your business.  That’s why we developed an extremely user-friendly conversation flow for generating seller leads.  Now sellers can get answers to questions about their home with our quick-reply buttons.  They love how fast and easy it is to reply! And you’ll love getting listing leads emailed to you with all the details.  (Typed answers are also recorded!) Our Home Valuation program can also give them a quick snap shot of what their home is worth so they can make a good decision and you will know you have a qualified lead!

Renters & Property Management

Triple Threat SuccessBot can recognize certain words that indicate a visitor is probably looking to rent or lease.  When this happens, the renter conversation flow kicks in to gather more details.  This is invaluable for 2 reasons.  First, it helps you generate tenant and rental leads.  Second, it prevents agents who don’t specialize in property management from having their workflow interrupted!

Schedule an Appointment

You already know that buyers are very impatient these days.  In fact, many buyers will call one real estate professional after another until they find someone who can help immediately.  Stop losing out on these leads!  Our showing request conversation flow allows leads to request a showing via your Successbot!  (Leads are always informed that you will follow-up to confirm.)  It’s like having a dedicated scheduling assistant and no add to your Payroll!

Now your leads will feel like they have been immediately taken care of and will stop searching for other real estate professionals.

Advertise your Open House

Our Open House Successbot is extremely effective in building excitement around an open house ahead of time.  this allows you to answer questions and make sure that the people that are coming through your open house, or your partners open house are quality prospects. When potential buyers come through your open house ad you have them sign in by subscribing to your T3 SuccessBot. They’ll receive follow up messages for the next 10 days to get them to fill out a buyers qualification questionnaire and convert them into clients. Leads are then prompted to contact you!

Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts. Triple Threat Successbot solves this problem by providing a private channel of communication with each potential prospect. It’s instant and interactive, and no message is ever lost.

Facebook Messenger VS Traditional Email

You know that you have to go where your customers are. Traditionally, that space has been people’s inboxes. Email has been the dominant way to stay in contact with and reach your customers for over a decade. However email open rates and click through rates have been dwindling and are currently at their lowest point in history. Your messages are not being seen or read.

On average email open rates are 23% and email click through rates are only 3%. That means for every 1000 emails you send out only 230 of them will ever get opened, and of those 230 opened emails only 7 people will click your link or take action.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger open rates average 84% with click through rates reaching 29%. That means for the same 1000 messages you send out 840 of them are going to be read and of the 840 read messages 244 people will click or take action!

That’s an amazing 3,385% increase in response rate compared to email.

How Can my Triple Threat Successbot Help Grow My Real Estate or Mortgage Business?

It's hard to go from lead to the closing table without lots of conversation, so let's have as many conversations as possible via Facebook Messenger and Successbot and make it an easy start to a conversation, build the relationship and qualify your leads at a scale that will allow your business to grow. Now you can engage motivated leads without them leaving the Facebook platform, and without you having to make the dials and use your valuable time!

Start Conversations with Sellers

Conversations in Messenger are easy when you deliver instant value to the home owner. 

T3 SuccessBot chatbots can deliver instant home valuations, market updates and recent sales reports. 

Automated follow up keeps you top of mind by sending monthly sales reports inside Facebook Messenger

Start Conversations with Buyers

Connecting a chatbot to your Facebook page can help you qualify home buyers through a simple, conversational process that builds the relationship and a home buyer profile at the same time.

No more leads with wrong number and email, with Messenger you have an instant line of communication with the home buyer.

Send listing updates, open houses and more to home buyers directly on Messenger.

How do I advertise or show my prospects that I have and active T3 Successbot so people can engage with me?

Its Time to get Triple Threat Successbot working on your Team,
Let's review Successbot's resume:

  • Done For You Campaigns! Triple Threat SuccessBot’s drip campaign templates are easily imported into your ManyChat account. You won’t need to spend months building your bot, with a few clicks your sequences and drips will be setup and personalized to your business.
  • Responds To Buyers & Sellers Instantly! Our buyer and seller campaigns instantly respond to your prospects letting them know that you are there for them. Follow up messages, Value Items, and Real Estate Tips let them know you are the local expert, making sure you stay “Top Of Mind.”
  • Triple Threat Successbot comes with 23 Growth Tools pre installed with 2 downloadable eBooks to entice buyers and sellers to subscribe to your T3 SuccessBot.
  • Seller Qualification Drip Campaign - Pre-Qualify seller leads by capturing their actual contact info. Facebook Messenger is attached to the personal information saved in that users Facebook account so you know you are getting their correct info! This campaign gets them to submit their property address and prompts them to call and setup an appointment with you. Leads are reminded if they did not complete the process ensuring you get the listing appointment! All sellers get added to the “36 Touch” Seller Drip Campaign automatically!
  • Instant Home Valuations - Triple Threat SuccessBot does instant home valuations for your leads right inside Facebook Messenger! Leads enter their property address and we instantly return a home valuation showing the low, high and average price for their property. Leads are then prompted to contact you to get their home listed and put on a “36 Touch” seller follow up campaign.
  • Buyer Qualification Drip Campaign - Pre-Qualify buyer leads by walking them through an entirely automated buyer consultation. You’ll know exactly What and When they are looking to buy and because it’s through Facebook Messenger you know their contact details are correct. Leads are reminded if they do not complete the process ensuring they complete the Buyers Qualification! All buyers get added to the “36 Touch” Buyer Drip Campaign automatically!
  • Open House Drip Campaign - When potential buyers come through your open house have them sign in by subscribing to your Triplethreat SuccessBot. They’ll receive follow up messages for the next 10 days to get them to fill out a buyers qualification questionnaire and convert them into clients. Leads are then prompted to contact you and put on a “36 Touch” buyer follow up campaign! You simply have an ipad or just use your cell phone at the open house 🙂
  • “36 Touch” Seller Drip Campaign - The “36 Touch” Seller campaign addresses common concerns and questions about selling a home. The campaign is designed to establish you as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor and the local expert. The 36 touch campaign is designed to keep your name in front of your leads for an entire year. The 36 Touch drip campaign is intermediate-intensity at about 3 touches per month, or 1 message every 11 days.
  • Se Hables Espanol? Remember Every Sequence in your Successbot also speaks Spainish so this way you will never exclude a lead!
  • “36 Touch” Buyer Drip Campaign - The “36 Touch” Buyer campaign addresses common concerns and questions about purchasing a home. The campaign is designed to establish you as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor and the local expert. The 36 touch campaign is designed to keep your name in front of your leads for an entire year. The 36 Touch drip campaign is intermediate-intensity at about 3 touches per month, or 1 message every 11 days.
  • Schedule Appointments - Now your leads will feel like they have been immediately taken care of and will stop searching for other real estate professionals.

Facebook makes it easy for real estate professionals to start conversations in Messenger and T3 SuccessBot delivers proven conversation starters to help you start more conversations using the power of ManyChat and not having to complicate your processes and add time to your day!
You deserve to have Successbot on your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special account to deploy my bot?

Yes, To use your Triple Threat SuccessBot you will need to have a ManyChat Pro account, these start at $10/m for 500 subscribers.(Per Facebook business page)

How do I connect a 'chatbot' to my Facebook Page?

T3 SuccessBot provides an easy Facebook integration to help you quickly connect your new Facebook Messenger chatbot to your preferred Facebook Page.

Do I have to write a lot of content?

Not at All!

We understand that busy professionals don’t have time to build and create complex conversational coding, no way!

Successbot provides you with conversation templates right out of the box.

How many chatbots can I connect to?

Currently you can connect 1 chatbot to each Facebook business Page which is then connected  to 1 ManyChat account. But, the great thing is that unlike many bot programs out there we give you all of our bots as one so you do not have to pick and choose, what the customer wants the customer gets!

If you want to connect your chatbot to more business pages, it will require an additional subscription on Manychat.

Do you integrate with my CRM or my special thing?

Triple Threat Successbot is actively working on integrations that will enable you to connect to your CRM directly as well as many other platforms. 

Currently we use a tool called Zapier via ManyChat to connect to your services that we cannot go direct with.  We will gladly help you to do these connections so don’t worry about “how” we are your “who”

Are you ready to chat with more sellers & home buyers and not add another thing to your list of "To do's"?

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