Triple Threat Texting Feature

Triple Threat Texting Feature

SMS, MMS, and More Text Messaging Options

Learn how to use SMS, MMS, and other text messaging options
to engage with contacts.


Send up to 140 characters


Send more by adding images to your text messages.


Entertain and engage your audience with animated GIFs.


When photos aren’t just enough, share your message video.

Long Text

Send up to 1,600 characters in your messages.



Marketing and growing your contact lists is just the beginning.

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Import and organize your lists for easy outreach.

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Build a seamless workflow that helps you work smarter.

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Sign Up Tool

Grow your lists by making it easy for your contacts to opt in.

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Tracking + Reporting

Track your performance and optimize accordingly.

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Recurring Images

Setup your campaigns once and then let them do the work for you.

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Additional Features

Free Incoming Messages

Incoming messages are on the house — you only pay for outgoing messages.

Message Scheduling

Schedule your messages in advance so you can reach out at the perfect time, automatically.

Drip Campaigns

Automatically sends a series of messages in the same order to all of  your contacts, beginning whenever they join your list.

Message Templates

Conserve valuable time by saving messages you’ve written as templates for future use.


When your away from your computer, use your cell phone to initiate message outreach right from your account.

Carrier Lookup Tool

Avoid wasting money by determining which of your contact numbers are landlines or other numbers that cannot receive texts.

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