Triple Threat Health

Triple Threat Health

Corporate Health for all companies and coachees working with Triple Threat Success Coaching

Achieve your Triple Threat Life and increase productivity, revenue, attendance in the workplace, and goal attainment.

Everything You Need to Increase your Happiness for your Team Members and Yourself

Triple Threat Success™ Health App is an intuitive corporate wellness software solution that improves employee happiness, energy levels and reduces sick leave.

Increase Productivity

Companies with a corporate health software experience an 8% increase in employee productivity (National Business Group on Health,2008).

Improve Employee Health

A corporate health program will improve employee health and decrease absenteeism.

Boost Revenue

Reducing absenteeism and improving productivity will lead to increased revenue.

The Corporate Health Software That Makes Wellness Easy


Use our community page to reach out and congratulate team members for achievements and stimulate work/life wellness with our interactive platform.


Teach your team's about amazing lifestyle habits with our exercise and nutrition apps, and encourage competition and goal achievement that focuses on them and not the business. Show them that you truly care about them.


Manage your team's activity on one simple platform and receive coaching reports monthly on your team's usage.


Most frequent questions and answers

Corporate health is a vital part of keeping your employees happy and healthy. With your own corporate health system, you can maintain high standards of employee output, while looking after the physical and mental wellbeing of your team. It can add great value to your health plan too.

Before you invest in a corporate health program you should think about what your team needs from your business. Do they want an app to track the food that they eat? Or do they want an exercise database so they can work out safely and effectively? Or do they want and need both?

The T3 corporate wellness program can change the way your staff interacts with your business. Rather than just an employer you can become much more, and take a leading role in how they view health and fitness. Discover the benefits of good employee health, and incorporate corporate health software into your business practices. Your staff will be eating better, exercising more and working in a way that is good for them and for your company.

Absolutely. Thanks to the powerful digital solution of T3 Health App, your business will be able to grow faster and better than ever before. Using a digital platform like T3 Health for your corporate health software will show staff you’re serious about their health risks. A successful business needs a team that can adapt to any challenge, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle plays a big part of that. Your wellness programs will be a popular part of your business and play a big role in retaining and developing your team for many many years!

The community is important to your team, it’s your culture. They want to feel at home working for you. People want to share experiences and happy moments together. With T3 Health, your corporate health system will create a unique online space for your team to use to chat and discuss everything to do with fitness. It’s proven that when people feel like they belong, they stick around for long time.